"I was not getting any interviews after applying for jobs. Sohaib helped me improve my CV. He identified all the weak spots on my CV and provided detailed feedback and recommendations with real examples to improve my CV. The standard of my CV increased drastically and helped me in securing a job offer."   


Linah AlSiri, London, UK

"Going through a redundancy process was a stressful and anxious period mostly because it is an unknown territory for most people. I was part of a group consultation process where each individual was scored by the employer to reach a redundancy decision. I  contacted Sohaib to sought advice and guidance on how to navigate the whole process. Sohaib provided key selling points about myself, my role and the value that I bring to the employer. It was very helpful talking to Sohaib as he helped me in creating a strong case for the company to retain me. In the end of the consultation process, I was able to retain my role with my employer." 


Hassan Abdilahi, Saudi Arabia

"I had been looking to switch jobs for a new role that was more exciting and interesting. I contacted Sohaib for support and guidance. He taught me the importance of quantification when it comes to showing your experience, skills and qualifications. With his tips and advice, we updated my CV and LinkedIn profile which made it more appealing and attractive to the recruiter. I have never had this much attention by employers! I was also able to secure a role in a company that I applied to."

Francisco Zaragoza, Benidorm, Spain

"As a fresh graduate I have been looking for my first role in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Sohaib helped me identify what recruiters look for in my field and the most relevant keywords that needs to be there on my CV. He reviewed my CV and pointed out that I should have an achievements section for each job to show what value I brought to the employer. He also recommended to add numbers to my CV as it allows employers to assess the impact I had in my previous jobs and it shows that I took the extra step to find out how much money I saved for my company. His service was worth it making both my CV and LinkedIn profile possible to stand out from the crowd."

                                                                                                                                   Abdur Rahman, Leeds, UK

"My charity organization had high goals but was making slow progress, with many bottlenecks to production of content and marketing. Sohaib helped me to plan, prioritize and manage short-term and long-term projects. He analysed our sales data and developed our new marketing strategy for success. His business acumen coupled with his positivity is leading the change in my organization and has transformed the shape of our organisation in a very short space of time. Sohaib's passion has given us a pro-active attitude, real motivation and progress in our work and high hopes for the future."


Omar Faruq, Seerah Foundation, London, UK

"I wanted to increase focus and develop the aftermarket business globally for my company. Sohaib was appointed to help me build the business in the Europe, Africa and Central Asia region. Sohaib is a passionate and forward-thinking professional who had been an asset for my group. In a very short time of knowing Sohaib, he had been very engaging and deliberate in trying to understand the business and worked towards sustainable solutions. He challenged my team when current processes were not in line with a proactive business model. I was impressed with his personal demeanour, creativity, focus, and follow-through. He has an attention to detail that is superior to many I have engaged in business and a joy to have worked with."


Janice Webb, Honeywell UOP, Illinois, USA